Welcome to ZikMe !

ZikMe is the product of an observation made by its founders, Guillaume and I,  that very little track information is available on most music platforms. We noticed that when we found ourselves a bit curious about what we were listening to, we had to do alternative searches and would end up on artist sites, Wikipedia and AMG. Many people, ourselves included, want to know more about the music we’re listening to, than just basic track info like bpm and length. Fans and musicians alike have a wealth of knowledge and would love to share it. This information can help to discover a lot more, and even make new music ! That is the purpose of ZikMe.

ZikMe is a universal music database, made by and for music lovers. Its goal is to provide open and editable information about tracks, artists, and everything music related (labels, albums, shows and more). All data is under the Creative Commons license (actually the same as Wikipedia), so that everyone can copy, transform and redistribute it.

Like all art, music is entirely subjective. As ZikMe is designed for music listeners, it’s able to adapt to your own musical tastes and sensitivity, in order to give you a rich, personal experience.

We believe that everyone has the right to information and so ZikMe will always be free.

We are so excited to share ZikMe with you and we welcome all feedback and support! To keep yourself in the loop, add us on Facebook, Twitter, G+, or just email us at contact@zikme.org !

Thank you for reading, and get ready to improve your music !


Cedric & Guillaume

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